Ancient people built temples all across the ancient world and dedicated them to a plethora of deities. While some of these structures haven’t survived the test of time, some still exist today and a few are even in use. 

Here are 31 of the most famous and impressive examples of ancient temples from around the world.


(Image credit: Sean Pavone via Shutterstock)

Built about 2,000 years ago the Pantheon is located in Rome and has a large dome that rises up to 43 meters (141 feet) tall. It was built to honor multiple Roman gods. In the seventh century the temple was converted into a Christian church. The structure still stands today and is used as a Catholic church. It is one of the longest used religious buildings in existence.

Göbekli Tepe

(Image credit: AlicanA via Shutterstock)

Dating back 11,500 years, Göbekli Tepe is located in modern-day southeastern Turkey and is one of the oldest monumental structures in the world. The temple may have been built along a precise geometric plan. Its T-shaped stone pillars are up to 18 feet (5.5 meters)  tall and have carvings depicting wild animals such as snakes, foxes, gazelles, ducks, cranes and boars. There are also carvings showing human-like figures and what may be a comet

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